In March 2016, the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) hosted an educational session during their annual Policy and Issues Forum which featured the local community work supported by the National Partnership. Program details can be found here and session details can be found below.

Leveraging Health Center-Hospital Partnerships to Inform, Influence, and Implement Policy

Friday, March 18, 8:00-9:30am

Health centers have developed partnerships with their local community hospitals around the needs and common policy priorities of their communities and patients. The National Partnership for the Health Care Safety Net, funded by Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, is a partnership between NACHC, America’s Essential Hospitals, and The George Washington University, and has been working with four local health center-hospital partnerships in Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, and Richmond on a two-year project. In response to changes in the policy environment, the four partnerships have been addressing issues related to access to specialty care, outreach and enrollment, and access to coverage for vulnerable populations.

In this session, participants will hear from health center leaders about their experiences with this project, how they engaged with hospitals on a specific priority area, lessons learned and best practices for building relationships with hospitals, and perspectives on how partnerships can be leveraged to benefit the communities they serve.

Learning Objectives:
›Identify common priorities and policy issues of health centers and safety-net hospitals.
›Recognize key facilitators and challenges in the development of partnerships.
›Evaluate strategies and opportunities for leveraging health center-hospital partnerships.

Heidi Emerson, Manager, State Affairs, NACHC

Simon Hambidge, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and CMO,
Denver Community Health Services
Karen K. Butler, Chief Operating Officer, Northeast Ohio
Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.
David M. Williams, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Southside
Medical Center, Inc.
Maureen Neal, CFRE, Chief Operating Officer for Advancement,
The Daily Planet Health Center