Convening local partnerships in the safety net to inform, influence, and implement health policy
Medicaid Enrollment Cleveland, OH

How Our Partnership is Empowering Change

Partnerships at federal, state, and local levels are one of the best tools for igniting policy change. As the National Partnership, we work to convene safety net organizations with similar missions and challenges to shape federal and state health policy, with the ultimate aim of enhancing health in their communities.


How Collaboration Can Affect Health Policy

Collaboration between hospitals and health centers at the local level plays a critical role in affecting health policy and transforming care. From 2014 to 2016, the National Partnership worked with four local safety net communities – Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver & Richmond – as they leveraged collaborative partnerships to shape and respond to policies that impact access and quality of care.

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Community Partnerships Work

Quality and access in atlanta

Providers in Atlanta improved quality and tackled access issues for thousands of patients.

Colorado Map

Specialty Care access in denver

Denver Health and local organizations developed a program to increase patient access to specialty care services.

Exchange cost sharing in richmond

Richmond providers implemented financial assistance programs to ensure all patients receive care.

Medicaid enrollment in cleveland

Providers in Cleveland collaborated to increase outreach and Medicaid enrollment in their community.